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Inspiring Floral Program

ROSEANDTHORN DESIGN, has been presenting floral programs with a sustainable and creative approach throughout the Bay Area and beyond for over two years. “We are extremely happy to see a positive acceptance and effusive approval the public had to our sustainable way of doing flowers,” says Armando de Loera, Creator of ROEANDTHORN DESIGN.

Last week was not the exception. The nearly eighty attendants were astonished by the six floral designs created with alternative mechanics, unique creativity, and sustainable materials. Others expressed their encouragement to try to create their flowers with an Eco-friendly touch.

Armando de Loera and Adam Schindler, both Eco-Floral Designers, presented a flora program at The Livermore Amador Valley Garden Club in Pleasanton where they spoke about three main topics:

Household Hunt – re-purposing household items as a decorative design element and functional support for your #flowers.

Garden Scents – Blossoming fragrance expression in your floral arrangement.

Pop of Color – evoking emotions using colorful California Grown Flowers

An item gathered in the household hunt was a golden ornate chandelier ringlet. This beautiful ring was repurposed as a functional and decorative floral mechanic. It was surrounded with glass water tubs held with rubber bands which later on, they were filled with flowers creating one of the most beautiful floral mass designs.

The flowers used were a bi-colored pink Lisianthus, pink Phalaenopsis Orchids, and Jasmine vine. All these flowers were California Grown with excellent quality and long vase life. Undoubtedly, a perfect floral centerpiece for a private party, event or floral display.

Moreover, the floral designs presented for this duo were reusable. In other words, you could change flowers and create a different floral mood. What about, red rose #flowers and red anthurium for a passionate #SaintValentins floral centerpiece or white rose flowers for a wintery and classic feel.

In the same way, another favorite floral design by the attendees was the stunning rock candy structure. Which, many of them referred to as the “crystal cake.” A perfect table centerpiece for a #wedding reception.

This beautiful structure was composed of rock crystal candy sticks surrounding a floral glass vase anchored to a distressed wooden board. Continuously, a beautiful hand-tied bouquet made of white roses and paperwhite flowers was arranged and nestled in the center of the textured structure.

Subsequently, a more conservative yet beautiful garden-style arrangement was created with an irresistible sweet and spicy fragrance. Incredibly, this gardeny floral arrangement was floral foam-free and chicken wire-free. Instead, the remanence of mossed branches was anchored to the beautiful organic vase, creating a natural forest-like structure. Floral materials, such as. Peach Stock, Garden Roses, lavender, Rosemary, Mint, and Sage were some of the flowers and foliage incorporated. All of them #locallygrown.

“We are very proud of using only locally grown flowers enabling to provide with the freshest flowers, supporting local growers, and keeping the Carbon Footprint lower,” says the Eco-floral Designer, Adam Schindler at the floral presentation.

Along with their third topic, “Pop of Color,” they created a floral crescent composition which they called California Crescent. Beautiful as the rest but this one with its own swing. The structure which gave the support to the flowers stems in a fan shape, was artfully created by manually wrapping raffia to a fiber rid, which later it was shaped and molded into a half-circle. Flowers added to this arrangement were selected in warm colors with a splash of cool color; orange paired with blue. The flowers selected were peach-orange roses, peach alstroemeria, blue delphinium as an opposite color, and Jasmin vine to add lines. The end results were dynamic and harmonious.

Without a doubt, a beautiful presentation with useful information to create unique and lovely floral designs. We are impressed by the structural aspect and the Eco-friendly approach. The arrangements were fun to see develop as were their decisions in making them. We are very pleased with their level of work, creativity, and professionalism. it leads us to believe, they will be great in the development of any floral project.

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