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Can Flowers, Really Improve Your Mood?

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Bouquet of flowers made with California flower

Nowadays we live in highly demanding times. Between high-tech and fast-paced lifestyle, we crumble to meet that infamous monthly quota at work, put up with hectic commuter traffic, and go over the everyday insane multitasking activities.

Alternatively, we try to adopt exercise programs, healthy eating habits, and other lifestyle changes to free stress. Surprisingly, among all the activities we do to cope with difficult moments, there is one easy way to improve our mood and emotional health. Flowers, Yes, believe it or not, flowers have been used for centuries as a way of celebration, appreciation, support, remembrance, and connection with the environment.

Evidently, receiving flowers makes you closer to nature and makes you drift out of your fast-pace. Surely, all these positive triggers are done by the flowers, but it has to do also with the colors in how flowers are arranged. It is not the same white roses as yellow roses. While the white ones are calm and peaceful, the yellow ones are cheerful and exciting. This effect acts just as chromotherapy, a technique used to influence moods and emotions. In addition, the fragrance of certain flowers contributes to a more positive and pleasant mood, just like aromatherapy does.

Trusted Scientific research carried at prominent educational institutions, such as Harvard, Texas A&M, Rutgers, University of Northern Florida, and others, have proven that adding flowers to your life will trigger positive benefits. Some of which are


Stress reduction


Increase creativity

Reduction in depression

Improve mood

Help with relaxation

Better attitude

Improve self-esteem

Undoubtedly, flowers are a thoughtful gift for any occasion. From my insight, I can tell you, when doing flower delivery in San Francisco, California, I am amazed at how recipients happily respond when seeing their flowers. Their expression of gratitude, excitement when receiving their floral arrangement is unique and priceless.

In reality, we are still surprised by how flowers have the power of changing people's reactions. When catering wedding flowers, corporate flowers, birthday flowers influence people of all ages.

Flower arrangements can be overpriced and vary in quality. Decidedly, we have taken into our mission to make flowers accessible and affordable. We make this possible by reducing packaging, Re-stocking only what is planned to be sold, sourcing products locally, and being family-owned. Therefore, our saving is passed on to our customer in the form of lower rates.

Whether you are looking for birthday flowers, wedding flowers, anniversary flowers, potted plants, orchids, or roses, our flower shop carries competitive and transparent rates. We have a unique, fresh, and sustainable flowers and house plants collection to choose from.

GET THE MOST out of your flower shop. We are making Eco-Floral designs beautiful and accessible to everyone.

Some of our service areas include:

Flower delivery in Civic Center

Flower delivery in Clarendon Heights

Flower delivery in Cole Valley

Flower delivery in Corona Heights

Flower delivery in Cow Hollow

Flower delivery in Crocker-Amazon

Flower delivery in Diamond Heights

Flower delivery in Dogpatch

Flower delivery in Dolores Heights

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