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Have a Beautiful, Low-Cost Wedding at Home

Photo by asaikenji via Pixabay

Home weddings are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more brides opting to keep things simple at home rather than splurging on a fancy venue. This kind of wedding is wonderful for an intimate, low-key celebration, but the planning and responsibility can be daunting. From ROSEANDTHORN DESIGN, here are a few simple ways to keep things going smoothly and beautifully on your big day.

Prepare Your Space

It goes without saying that your home should be big enough to comfortably host your guests. Most home weddings take place outdoors, which is less stressful than trying to cram all your guests into the house; however, even then, it will take some planning and organization to make the most out of the space available. Consider having separate areas—such as the staging area, meeting location, and guest quarters—clearly marked with signs. Chalkboards are a cute and cheap way to do this. Start practicing your hand-lettering skills if you want them to be truly Insta-worthy.

When it comes to preparing the yard, a tent is a must if you live anywhere with a risk of rain. Beyond this, an arbor or pergola can be a gorgeous centerpiece to the ceremony, especially, as Country Living suggests, if you have enough time to grow flowering vines on it. Professionally built trellises can cost between $400 and $900 for materials and labor. Prefab models are more affordable and range from $75 to $200.

An added benefit of attractive landscaping and a well-built trellis is the possibility of boosting your home’s value. Should you one day decide to list your property, the increased curb appeal will come into play, giving your home’s appraisal a nice lift.

Planning For Floral Arrangements

The average cost of flowers for a wedding is $1,400 according to WeddingWire. If you love gardening and have enough time, you can augment your burgeoning venue by transforming your yard into a beautiful floral space. Focus on planting colorful, easy-to-grow flowers to guarantee that they will make a statement on your wedding day. For arrangements, trust florists who can provide you with a floral experience.

Don’t Forget the Details

Hosting a home wedding means that you have to provide everything for your guests. Here are a few small details that will save the day and make a huge difference:

● Keep a stock of paper towels for spills, and newspapers for disposing of broken glass.

● Set up a small play area for any kids attending the wedding. If you don’t have any toys of your own, ask guests to bring a toy or two to keep the children occupied.

● Clearly cordon off any areas of your house that you would like your guests to stay out of.

● Prepare a wedding bathroom basket for your guests.

● Let your neighbors know that the event is going to be happening, and it’s polite to invite them to the reception if you have room on your guest list.

● Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper, or arrange with a nearby business to allow your guests to use their restroom.

● Provide plenty of trash receptacles.

● Disposable tableware is convenient but terrible for the environment. Check out these eco-friendly alternatives to plastic and paper.

● Consider hiring a clean-up service for the day after. You can find great help in your area on Angi.

There are plenty of advantages to a home wedding. You get to make an unforgettable memory in your own home, and you can avoid the hassle—and cost—of finding a wedding venue. It is also a perfect way to keep your special day simple and family-focus

ed. While the extra planning can put some people off, the fact that you are dealing with a smaller space forces you to limit the celebration to the people who matter the most to you and creates a more intimate experience for all involved.

ROSEANDTHORN DESIGN are a local and LGBTQ led flower shop in San Francisco, founded to provide better and more sustainable options to generic flowers. For more information about our services, contact us today at 415-900-9722.

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