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Experience Our Enchanting Orchid Garden


Welcome to our Orchid Garden, where playful elegance meets natural charm in a captivating floral creation. Nestled in a stone vase, a delightful pair of California-raised double stem orchids takes center stage, surrounded by succulents and adorned with handmade root-like tendrils of yarn and fiber.


Discover the Exquisite Details


  • California-raised Double Stem Orchids: Locally sourced for freshness and quality, these double stem orchids add an extra layer of beauty to the arrangement.
  • Handcrafted Tendrils: Adorned with handmade root-like tendrils for a unique touch.
  • Stone Vase: Provides a sturdy and elegant base for the arrangement.
  • Succulent Accents: Surrounding succulents add a touch of greenery and contrast.

Whimsical Sophistication for Any Space


Introducing our exquisite Orchid Garden, a whimsical yet sophisticated addition to any space. Each orchid bloom is carefully placed within the love seat of the stone vase, creating a delightful ensemble that is both visually stunning and artistically unique.


Benefits of Our Orchid Garden:


  • Elevates your décor with whimsical sophistication.
  • Adds a touch of natural charm to any setting.
  • Locally sourced orchids ensure freshness and longevity.
  • Handcrafted details create a truly unique arrangement.


Versatile and Stylish Décor


Perfect as a centerpiece for your living room, dining area, or office, our Orchid Garden effortlessly blends contemporary style with timeless natural beauty. Elevate your décor and indulge in the luxury of these exquisite double stem orchids today.



The Benefits of Choosing Roseandthorn Design's Flowers:


1. California Grown: We prioritize using seasonal and locally grown flowers, supporting our community and the environment.

2. Eco-friendly: Our sustainable practices ensure beauty with minimal environmental impact, allowing you to enjoy stunning floral arrangements guilt-free.

3. Giving Back: With every purchase, you contribute to free programs and workshops for all, helping us give back to the community.

4. Artisan Crafted: Each arrangement is expertly crafted by our in-house floral designers, ensuring every bouquet is a masterpiece of artistry and elegance.


Important Notice:

Allergies: Please be aware that some flowers may trigger allergies in sensitive individuals.

Pet Safety: To prevent ingestion, keep floral arrangements out of reach of pets, as certain flowers can be harmful to them.

Substitutions: While we strive to replicate arrangements accurately, seasonal availability may necessitate substitutions. Rest assured, any substitutions will be of equal or greater value.

Orchid Garden

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