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Introducing the Floating Orchid Arrangement


Welcome to our signature design, the Floating Orchid Arrangement, where sustainability meets elegance in the heart of San Francisco. Renowned for its uniqueness, beauty, and architectural flair, this exquisite creation embodies our commitment to locally sourced and eco-friendly practices.


Sustainable and Elegant Design


Crafted with raw and organic reclaimed wood components, paired with select botanicals, this arrangement is a testament to our dedication to sustainability. Our Floating Orchid Arrangement offers a fresh and distinctive centerpiece option that seamlessly blends into any eco-conscious lifestyle.


  • Raw and organic reclaimed wood components
  • Locally sourced and eco-friendly botanicals


Airy and Organic Feel


Designed with an airy, organic feel, the Phalaenopsis Orchid is delicately mounted on floating mossy branches, enhanced with handcrafted root-like tendrils. This green story resonates with garden lovers and those seeking easy-care, long-lasting floral solutions for their office spaces or windows.


  • Phalaenopsis Orchid delicately mounted on floating mossy branches
  • Handcrafted root-like tendrils for added elegance


Quality and Environmental Responsibility


At our sustainable shop in San Francisco, we prioritize quality, elegance, and environmental responsibility. Our Floating Orchid Arrangement reflects both the beauty of nature and our commitment to sustainability, making it the perfect choice for your floral needs.


Elevate Your Space with Sustainable Elegance


Choose our Floating Orchid Arrangement for a stunning centerpiece that not only adds beauty to your space but also contributes to a more sustainable future. Experience the harmony of nature and design with this exquisite floral creation from our eco-friendly shop in San Francisco.


The Benefits of Choosing Roseandthorn Design's Flowers:


1. California Grown: We prioritize using seasonal and locally grown flowers, supporting our community and the environment.

2. Eco-friendly: Our sustainable practices ensure beauty with minimal environmental impact, allowing you to enjoy stunning floral arrangements guilt-free.

3. Giving Back: With every purchase, you contribute to free programs and workshops for all, helping us give back to the community.

4. Artisan Crafted: Each arrangement is expertly crafted by our in-house floral designers, ensuring every bouquet is a masterpiece of artistry and elegance.


Important Notice:

Allergies: Please be aware that some flowers may trigger allergies in sensitive individuals.

Pet Safety: To prevent ingestion, keep floral arrangements out of reach of pets, as certain flowers can be harmful to them.

Substitutions: While we strive to replicate arrangements accurately, seasonal availability may necessitate substitutions. Rest assured, any substitutions will be of equal or greater value.

Floating Orchid Garden

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