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Named the Sustainable Flowers Eco-Charm for a reason, this petite bouquet isn't just irresistibly cute – it's also eco-friendly, prized for its size and lushness. The vibrant, colorful blooms are artfully arranged in our signature design vessel, nestled in handcrafted, natural fiber fabric.


We select a variety of sustainable flowers from local California farms, making the Sustainable Flowers Eco-Charm not only visually appealing but also easy to carry and maintain due to its petite size. With minimal packaging in a pint-size, the flowers and colors vary based on daily availability. Moreover, our thoughtful cotton cloth gift wrapping is designed for reuse, serving as a kitchen cloth and versatile utility to support our ZERO WASTE goals.


Important Notice:

Allergies, Pet Safety, and Substitutions. Please note that displayed images are for reference and may vary slightly from your order. We may make substitutions based on seasonal availability to maintain quality. Some flowers may be harmful to pets or trigger allergies. Avoid ingestion of these flowers.


Size: 1 unit is one wrapped pint jar with flowers about 8-12 inches tall.


The Benefits:

California GROWN - Using seasonal and locally grown flowers to keep our community strong and our environment healthy.

ECO-FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE - Using modern and sustainable practices in floral arrangements while considering the environmental impacts.

Giving BACK - With each purchase, you make possible free community programs and workshops.

Artisan CRAFTED - Flowers arranged by in-house floral designers.


Eco Charm

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