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Discover our enchanting Clementine floral arrangement, a shining example of local, sustainable, and eco-friendly floral artistry.

This bouquet, with its irresistible softness and fluffy allure, stands as a cherished gem within our all-flower collection. It's renowned not only for its flawless symmetric shape but also for its lush and dense floral composition. Crafted in a round, hand-tied design, the Clementine bouquet embodies serenity and elegance while embracing eco-conscious values. It showcases a harmonious blend of locally sourced elements, including fragrant peach stock, white garden spray roses, peach roses, and a prominent blush cymbidium orchid that provides an exquisite accent.

In alignment with our unwavering commitment to sustainability, this floral masterpiece is presented in a glass vase, lovingly wrapped in eco-friendly cotton fabric. This versatile wrap serves a dual purpose, as it can be reused in various ways, further reducing waste. Choose the Clementine bouquet not only for its undeniable beauty but also to make a powerful statement in favor of both eco-friendliness and sustainable elegance.


Important Notice: Allergies, Pet Safety, and Substitutions. Please note that displayed images are for reference and may vary slightly from your order. We may make substitutions based on seasonal availability to maintain quality. Some flowers may be harmful to pets or trigger allergies. Avoid ingestion of these flowers.


The Benefits:

California GROWN - Using seasonal and locally grown flowers to keep our community strong and our environment healthy.

ECO-FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE - Using modern and sustainable practices in floral arrangements while considering the environmental impacts.

Giving BACK - With each purchase, you make possible free community programs and workshops.

Artisan CRAFTED - Flowers arranged by in-house floral designers.

Clementine Bouquet

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